Welcome to Copperhead Mobile Welding

Mobile Welding brought to you

CMW is the brain child of Bernie Cosgrove & Greg Hildebrand. It came about due to a hunt for hay, and talking to local farmers.  The main theme other then a lack of hay, was a lack of mobile welders available. This lack of mobile welders, was the driving force for bringing CMW to life.   

While Bernie has no welding experience, she does have business experience. Greg has 25 years welding experience, and is a Red Seal Welder and a CWB Level 1 Inpector. Being a Red Seal Welder means Greg can work interprovincial.  Bernie decided to combine her business experience and Greg's welding experience to start CMW.

Figuring out our target market was simple. We knew there was a need by Farmers for welding done in the field, something there was a shortage of.  Our Prime focus will be bringing mobile welding to the farmers, even if that means out in the field doing a weld on a piece of equipment. 

Driving around the MD's of Provost, Wainwright and surrounding area's, it's easy to see the presence of  Oil & Gas. While CMW has no plans to move further North to make Oil & Gas our main focus, we are available for local Oil & Gas services.