Keeping our customers happy is our main goal, we are here for you.

It is said that a good welder is like an artist. They can be moody and possibly, they seem like they are on another planet compared to the rest of us.  Our head Journeymen is much the same, but with subtle differences. He has been working in the welding field for over 25 years, he knows his trade, and can work wonders with steel.  His philosophy is to look at the whole picture, so the work that is done has the desired effect .

Our welders will tell you if something is not going to work and will advise you of such, offering solutions. If the work is going to take longer then expected we will stop work and advise you on the situation and how much longer the work is going to take. Again we will offer solutions.  Our goal is to help you with your current situation, not to charge you through the nose, or leave you hanging.

Our main goal is to fix it once and leave you happy and confident with our service. We understand time is money! Should you ever have a problem with one of our welders or if you have other questions please contact the office: 403-485-3415.